About Us

At Rafinex we have a passion to develop advanced algorithms for an engineer’s toughest design challenges.

Rafinex is a company that is singularly dedicated to providing advanced numerical models for challenging engineering applications, ready to use and packaged as beautiful, intuitive cloud simulation apps with built-in expert know-how.

By combining best-in-class algorithms and AI-assistance when needed, we are striving to find and provide the world’s most advanced and most appropriate numerical methods for your challenging needs.

Rafinex goes beyond current market tools by accounting for real-life variability using uncertainty quantification methods and by considering manufacturability; allowing safe and profitable usage by everyone in engineering design.

Our Founders

André A. R. Wilmes, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Johannes Neumann, Dr. rer. nat.

Chief Science Officer

Abeed Visram, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Armin Lohwasser, MA, MBA, MSc

Chief Business Officer

Martin Řehoř, PhD

Research Scientist

Miguel Mattos, PhD

Senior Developer
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